Technical specifications of fogging machine

  • AAHM (automatic adjustable horizontal movement) in our cannons increases efficiency by 60-70% above normal and reduces the manpower required to control the cannons at all times.
  • The battery-operated chassis has a GVW of 729 kgs, wheelbase of 2120 mm, and a powerful 1000-W motor.
  • The angle of the fog cannon can also be adjusted manually from -10° to 45° .
  • The equipment is also provided with a 1/2” high-pressure water feed hose of length 10 meters along with a hand spray nozzle.
  • The complete vehicle is painted with the colour as required by the client.
Performance Parameters: -
1 Throw (Windless Conditions) 15-20 metres
2 Water Consumption of Fog Cannon 2 litres/min
3 Charging Time 8-10 hours
4 Total Running on Full Charge 60-70 kms
5 Battery Life 6 Months