Garbage Tippers

BAXY’s electric garbage tipper vehicles are mounted on a heavy-duty three-wheel electric chassis with a hopper volume of 1.2-2.0 cum.

The main advantage of the garbage tippers is the elimination of bins, which often cause garbage spills.

As per MSW guidelines, the garbage tippers are closed type with partitions to collect wet (green) and dry (blue) wastes separately.

BAXY’s garbage tippers include the following features:

  • Hopper volume of 1.2-2.0 cum
  • Partitions for separately collecting wet and dry waste
  • Built on three/four-wheel chassis

These vehicles have four openings, two on each side, to facilitate direct transfer of waste from a domestic bin/collection bag into the vehicle.

These vehicles also have a removable partition to facilitate the storage of bio-medical waste.