Portable Compactors and Hook Loaders

Portable Compactors and Hook Loaders are Mechanized way of Compaction of Garbage and Transportation of same to the Dumping Ground or processing site. Portable Compactors are installed on ground at designate locations in a covered shed thus to avoid spillage of garbage. This system is upgradation to existing “Dhalao Ghar” where in the Garbage is dumped on the floor and the same is unloaded into open truck by backhoe loaders.

Generally, 02 Nos. Portable Compactors and installed at each site to enable continuous collection of garbage. The Portable Compactor is operated though the Electric Supply. The garbage is loaded into the Hopper of the Portable Compactor through Garbage Tippers, hand Carts, Electric Tippers, Rickshaws or manually and is unloaded into the Chamber where is Garbage is Compacted hydraulically. Once the Portable Compactor is full, the Hook Loader lifts the Portable Compactor and transport the same to Dumping ground.

The Compacted Garbage is unloaded in the dumping site and the empty portable compactor transported back to the station.

Portable Compactors are available in two sizes i.e 10.5 cum and 16 cum and accordingly is transported on 16 T GVW Truck Chassis or 28 T GVW Truck Chassis.