Super Sucker Machine

The super sucker machine comprises 1 super suction unit mounted on 28 T GVW truck chassis and 2 suction dump tanks mounted on 16 T GVW truck chassis.


The machine is a heavy-duty vacuum loader.

It is one of the most efficient and powerful machines of its kind available on the international market.

The offered machine has the following features:

  • Minimum free-air handling capacity of 4200-6500 cum/h.
  • Filter system comprising of high-efficiency cyclonic separator and high-performance cartridge filters with an automatic cleaning system.
  • MS water tank of capacity 4000 litres for providing water to the jetting pump.
  • Jetting hose of reputed make with a diameter of 32 mm and length 120 m mounted on the hose reel drum.
  • Suction hose of diameter 100 mm and length 15 m.
  • Connection hose of diameter 200 mm for connecting the super suction unit with the suction dump tank.
  • Truck chassis of 28 T GVW fitted with driver’s cabin and PTO