Truck Mounted Jetting, Grabbing and Rodding Machine

The equipment consists of a grab-bucket arrangement specially designed to quickly and safely clean out the silt and other waste matter located at depths of up to 20 feet without necessitating man-entry.

The offered machine is also equipped with a trolley-mounted rodding machine for the removal of elements. It has the benefits of all three – jetting, grabbing and rodding machines.

It should have the capability of sewer jetting for de-chocking, desilting and flushing of sewer lines.

Also, the machine should be capable of mechanically desilting manholes through a grabbing system and should have adequate power to carry out power rodding for the de-chocking of stronger blockages in sewer lines.

The equipment is mounted on a 4.5-7 T GVW BS VI truck chassis fitted with a driver’s cabin and PTO.