Truck Mounted Refuse Compactor

The refuse compactors are available in different sizes ranging from 6-20cum and are mounted on suitable chassis.

Available in automatic compactor cycle and manual compaction cycle

Standard refuse compactor vehicle with universal bin lifting system feauting 660-litre bins and 1100-litre bins.

Some features of the compactor trucks are as follows:

  • The tailgate hopper is suitable for unloading tipper vehicles and handheld bins as appropriate for primary collection.
  • Compaction capability to compress garbage or solid waste should be between 800 and 900 kg/cubic m.
Sl. No. Volume of Refuse Compactor Suitable Tonnage Chassis
1 6-8 cum 11 T Chassis
2 12-14 cum 16 T Chassis
3 16-20 cum 28 T Chassis